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Who We Are

We started DS Group for two main reasons. One, we wanted to support the growth of AI specialists who solve real world problems and two, we knew we could offer the niche, focused expertise in helping you get to where you want to be.

Once purchasing the most basic £50 desks from Argos, we started in our living rooms and did it all in the middle of the pandemic (yes, we’re a bit mad). After a year of hard graft, we made our first hires in August 2021 and we are now a growing team of 9! Although our industry is AI, we hire internally, based off of emotional intelligence. We’re very proud of our community here and how far we have come in such a short space of time. We love working with one another and our industry experts in making a positive difference.

With a combined experience of over 20 years, our specialist teams focus on roles within two core markets: Software Engineering and Data Science. Our valuable insight of the market and all of the many roles within, and our use of innovative technologies means we’re well placed to help you find your dream job or perfect talent.

- Purpose -

Influencing AI through the potential of people.

- Vision -

A world where the power of AI is used for good; driven and guided by great people.

- Mission -

Unlock opportunities by connecting AI enablers and visionaries to accelerate the advancement in technology to have positive, life-changing outcomes.
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- Our Principles -

  • Inspiration: Hand opening with a lightbulb showing

    Enabling Inspired Outcomes

    We know that the people of AI can positively impact the world and truly push for innovation. This is what inspires us and why we set ourselves high standards. Our motivation comes from seeing our AI experts thrive and our approach is always honest and human. We want to help you fulfil your ambitions because it’s important to you and the world.

  • Adaptability: Head with a cog above it and arrows going up and down

    Advocates for Adaptability

    In order to get you to where you want to be, it’s paramount that we’re able to adapt to an ever-expanding market. We’re always curious and eager to widen our knowledge to share valuable insight between each other and our professionals. Every move we make is considered as your time is valuable. So, you can expect proficiency and proactiveness.

  • Purpose: Two people with a target with bullseye above them

    Passionate About Purpose

    Understanding everyone’s purpose means we can be better, together and create lasting relationships that we care about, and outcomes that change lives. We share the passion of our industry professionals and believe in what they’re trying to achieve. That is why our emphasis is on purpose.

  • Collaboration: Two hands holding in the shape of a hear

    Considerate Collaboration

    Above all else, we listen and communicate with respect. This guarantees fair and equal treatment for all and reassurance that people have been heard and are valued. The best outcomes stem from collaboration across a variety of cultures and backgrounds and we believe that this is essential in building sustainable opportunity and growth. It’s how amazing happens.

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Interested in joining our team?

If you’d like to find out about any internal roles we have open, then please feel free to get in touch!

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